The worlds first people-powered "newsroom"

About Tickerd.com

Tickerd is the worlds first people-powered newsroom that lets you take the news into your own hands.

News orginizations all over the world have quite simply become propaganda machines designed to control and manipulate. This leads to fake pandemics, politics, and wars. Almost all news media cannot be trusted anymore. It is not just the organizations that you politically disagree with. It is all of them that cannot be trusted. Today, we live in a world where people live in fear of catching a mild cold, and where people have no faith in controlling there own health. This was 100% created by fake reports, and scare tactics, used by the largest corporate media agencies.

The News Tick

At the heart of Tickerd is what I call the news 'Tick'. A ticker is something that you may have seen or heard of before. Usually as a horizontal scrolling list of headlines or stock qoutes. At Tickerd.com, I've decided to turn the ticker concept into an application that is controlled by the people. We welcome anyone to create an account on Tickerd.com and to post news 'Ticks'. I don't care who your favorite politician is, or which news organization you frequent the most. Everyone is welcome, and as long as you play by the rules I won't have to censor you.

A news 'tick' posted to Tickerd.com is a recommendation of a news article or story that contains a headline, first paragraph, author name, orignal date, a weblink to the article, and optionally a link to an image from the article.

The Tickerd Newsroom

On Tickerd.com anyone can post a news recommendation in the form of a 'tick', and the poster is called a 'ticker'. You can follow any ticker that you want, and their 'ticks' will appear in your timeline feed. However, you may want to collect related 'ticks' together. I call this a Newsroom. You can create as many Newsrooms as you need using the tickers that you follow. Your Newsrooms are private to you, and a way to organize the tickers that you follow. You can put similar tickers together in a Newsroom, or you can put dissimilar tickers together. For example, you can have your favorite CNN tickers in the same Newsroom as your favorite Fox News tickers. Pitting different views against each other. The CEO of CNN may not like this, but who cares about him. It is your Newsroom.

You can read more about Tickerd Newsrooms here.